Posted on October 28, 2015

On the 23rd of October, Rockdale Public School held our annual Walkathon for K-6 students. This Walkathon was a fundraising event that will support Rockdale’s Creativity Festival in Term 4. We believe that the Festival will help enhance our students’ creative and critical thinking. Students received a sponsorship card that they brought on the day of the Walkathon. This sponsor card was stamped or signed for every lap of the Walkathon course that the students completed. The day was a great success, and as of Wednesday the 28th of October we have raised over $2500.

Students who raised $10 or more and return their sponsor card will go into the raffle draw for one of the great prizes listed below:

1 X $100 voucher at Rebel Sports

2 X $50 voucher at Rebel Sports

4 X $25 voucher at Rebel Sports

In addition to this, the student in each class who raises the most money will receive a good quality sports ball of their choosing as a prize. Please remember to bring your sponsorship card back to school so you are able to enter the draw!

Thank you,

Miss Mansour and Miss Dinale