Student Safety


Posted on March 12, 2017

Dropping Off and Picking Up on Lord Street – Safety Issue
A number of parents have contacted the school to report that members of our school community are stopping, parking longer than 5 minutes and leaving their vehicles in the drop off zone during our peak morning and afternoon drop off times.
Doing this creates traffic chaos on Lord Street and means the flow of traffic is halted.
Please use the drop off zone to pull your vehicle over and allow your children to safely leave the vehicle. Once they have exited the vehicle, please then leave the drop off area so it is available for other families to also drop off. It is an ongoing issue but recently the actions of a few of our community members have jeopardised the safety of our students.
Parking on Lord Street
For the safety of our children, parents are asked to park safely and in accordance with the parking signs on Lord Street. It has been brought to our attention that parents have been parking across driveways. Please respect our neighbours and leave their driveways accessible at all times.
Please do the right thing.
Keeping the gates closed
In the interest of the safety of your children, please ensure you close the gate when entering and leaving school grounds during the school day between 9:00am and 3:00pm.