Stage Two Science Incursion

Posted on June 12, 2015

On Tuesday June 9, Mitch, a scientist from Kaleidoscope Science came in to teach us all about solids, liquids, gases and plasmas. All of Stage Two went to the hall to watch his magnificent show. We went to learn more about heat transfer and the different ways we can conduct science experiments.

He showed us an experiment using ice cubes, with one on a plastic tray and the other on a metal tray. Mitch asked us to feel the trays. The metal one was cold and the plastic one was warm. Some of the Stage Two students predicted that the ice cube on the plastic tray would melt first because of the temperature. The students of 4E knew that the cube on the metal tray would melt first. Mitch conducted the experiment and 4E were right! The ice cube on the metal tray melted first.

Next Mitch used dry ice to conduct some more experiments.

By Millie