Stage One Science Incursion


Posted on March 20, 2015

On Wednesday the 11th of March, Stage One had their first incursion of the school year.  A presenter from Kaleidoscope Science Education delivered an engaging and entertaining live show which was thoroughly enjoyed by students and teachers. They provided a hands on learning experience that linked with their science unit ‘Spot the Difference’. A big thank you to Mrs Santoromito for organising a successful incursion!

Our Science Incursion

“One day ago my class and all the other classes went to a science show to learn about  change of matter.

First, we formed a long line and went to the hall.

Next, the tall scientist introduced himself and his name was Steve.

After that, Steve told us that atoms shake because they are liquid.

Later, he chose a person and it was Jayden. He had to hold a cup of water. As Steve added dry ice gas kept coming out.

At the end he asked does anyone have any questions.

I really enjoyed it.” - Mareta 2S