Stage One Featherdale Excursion

Featherdale 217

Posted on September 9, 2016

Yesterday my class and I went to Featherdale to learn about native Australian animals.

First we went on the bus to travel to Featherdale. When we got there we had recess and got passports which had a map and animals to stamp.

After recess we went to see some birds, koalas, echidnas and dingoes. Then we went to Louis, the ranger, to learn about animals. We learnt a lot of things, like reptiles are cold blooded and we also got to touch them!

After that we saw different animals which were kangaroos, a crocodile, wombats, emus and kookaburras. After looking at all the animals we had lunch.

Finally we saw penguins and they were cute. I had a great day because I loved the lovely animals.

By Risha K 1/2S