Stage 1 Excursion


Posted on September 12, 2017

On the 5th of September Stage 1 went to the Royal National Park to learn about animals and shelters.

First, we got on the bus. When we got out of the bus we were at the Royal National Park. We met the ranger and they told us all about Australian animals and their habitats. Then the rangers said we can have recess and crunch n sip.

Next we went bushwalking. The steps were really difficult for me!

Later on we crossed the road and walked over the bridge. We found a picnic spot to eat our lunch.

After that we did four activities. We played a crab and shells game, went bird watching, caught some bugs and insects and even made a shelter for our puppet Australian animals.

Finally we went on the bus back to school. I had an amazing day but I was super tired by the end of it!

By Kalyani Hari Nair 1/2D