Road Safety


Posted on November 15, 2016


Our students’ safety is our first priority when it comes to end of school time. Your children are taught the rules that will keep them safe during specific lessons following the Department of Education’s PDHPE syllabus.
It is important that we work together to reinforce these safety rules by acting as role-models. It can be confusing to your children if they are told one thing and then asked to do another, especially by people they look up to and respect.

So, together, let’s follow these simple, but necessary guidelines:
• ONLY cross at a crossing. Those coming out of the infants gates should walk up to the pedestrian crossing before crossing the road.
• Park single file at the Pick-up area. Double parking adds risk to the safety of our children as they must walk onto the road with busy traffic in order to reach the door of the car.
• Remind your children to enter a car from the kerb. If they must enter from the road side, please escort them around as most children are unaware of the traffic around them.
• Remind your children to wait for the car to stop before opening the door.
• Remind your children to walk away from the kerb when walking home. This is to prevent accidental stumbling on to the road and into oncoming traffic.

As a courtesy, please move forward when waiting at the pick-up area if there is a space in front of you. This allows other cars to enter the pick-up zone so all children may be picked up quickly and safely.

Below are some guidelines from the NSW Government Transport for NSW site:

Key pedestrian safety messages
At school, your child will learn about road safety as part of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. Help them learn the pedestrian safety messages by using them and sharing them whenever you are out and about.

Students in Early Stage 1 and Stage 1
•Hold a grown-up’s hand when
-you cross the road
-you’re on the footpath
-you’re in the car park

Students in Stage 2
•Hold an adult’s hand when you cross the road
•Use a safe place to cross the road

Students in Stage 3
•Stop! Look! Listen! Think! every time you cross the road
•Use a safe place to cross the road