Our Community

IMG_4827Your child and your family are the most important part of Rockdale Public School.

Our school is a true partnership between our parents, our teachers and our community members. We work collaboratively with all the members of this partnership to ensure that the happiness and success of your child is our continual focus.

We actively encourage our parents to support our teaching and learning programs, to communicate openly with our teachers and to feel welcome in all classrooms. We are committed to parents being valued participants in the education of their children.

We are a school that is built on a strong foundation of family and community values. We support and guide all children in the development of important values such as respect, understanding and responsibility through daily social interaction and specific learning experiences.

We are an active member of our community supporting local groups and organisations that provide services to the Rockdale area. Our school is proud to continue to be an integral part of the Rockdale community, as it has been for over one hundred years.