Reminder: Maths Fun Day


Posted on August 24, 2015

Our Maths Fun Day will be held on Wednesday September 2, 2015.

It is a whole-school event where all students participate in a range of challenging problem-solving activities. As part of this day, we are inviting all K-6 students to enter the Super Challenge!

Super Challenge:

Design Brief: Design and make a three-dimensional model of your dream playground equipment area for Rockdale Public School

It must:

  • Include at least four different three-dimensional objects
  •   Fit on an A3 base
  •  Use safe materials e.g. soft fall covering for high equipment
  • All three-dimensional objects must be correctly labelled
  •  Be enclosed e.g. fencing
  • Use bright colour
  •  Have a small grass area
  •  Be suitable for K-6 students to use at recess and lunch
  •  Include a sun shelter

Additional criteria for each Stage is as follows:

Early Stage 1:

  •  At least one three-dimensional object must roll

Stage 1:

  •   At least one three-dimensional object must have a curved surface

Stage 2:

  • Include a short description of the circuit using:

a)      positional language e.g. over, through, under, besides

b)     adverbs e.g. slowly, carefully

Stage 3:

  •   Show evidence of scale

Students are to bring their model ON THE DAY to be displayed in the Library. Entries will be marked by a judging panel where four finalists from each stage will receive a prize voucher. The winning designs will be featured in our school newsletter and on the website. Additionally, one finalist from each stage will be selected to go into the running to win our first ever “Community Choice Award”.