Education Week!


Posted on July 24, 2015

27 – 31 July

Education Week this year will be held between 27 and 31 July (Week 3 of Term 3) for public schools in NSW. It will certainly be a very busy and exciting time at Rockdale PS. This year’s Education Week theme is, ‘Celebrating Local Heroes’.

On Thursday 30 July, we will hold our Open Day at Rockdale PS. Open Day will begin at 9:20am. Parents, grandparents and friends will be able to visit our students in their classrooms and find out more about the things they have been working on. Classroom visits will be followed at 10:00am by a number of performances held in the school hall and finally, at 11:15am, a chance for our wonderful students to share morning tea with their visitors. Our fantastic P & C will be offering tea and coffee for sale during this time in a designated section of the school playground.

On Friday 31 July, our Senior Dance, Junior Dance, Choir, Macedonian and Nepali Dance groups will be performing at Rockdale Plaza. Our timeslot this year is from 12:00 – 12:30pm and it will be a fantastic opportunity for our students to display the time, effort and energy they have put into perfecting these performances.

Download our Education Week program here: Education Week Program 2015 – A4