Cross Country Carnival


Posted on April 7, 2016

Our Cross Country Carnival was held in the last week of the term on Tuesday 5 April. We were ever so lucky to have such a beautiful, warm day for the event. Once we were all at Bicentennial Park, students and teachers walked the track to begin with to ensure we all knew where we had to run around. The winning house was BASS. Well done to the students in this house. CONGRATULATIONS to all the students in COOK, FLINDERS and PHILLIP houses as well. Whether you ran, jogged or walked around the course, it was great to see so much enthusiasm! I would like to thank the parents and friends who came along to assist and cheer the students on! We are very grateful to the school P & C who brought along ice blocks to help cool us off! Also to our teachers who helped make it such a successful day. All finalists will be attending the BBPSSA Cross Country Carnival on Tuesday 17 May 2016 at Scarborough Park.

Finalist for each of the age divisions were:


 8/9 yrs 10yrs 11yrs  12/13yrs 
 Lucas Y Stefan K   Daniel J  Cameron Y
 Jayden S  Marco G  Liam C  Ali T
 Asha H  Ky R  Muhaimin A  Dean T
 Abdul K  Rami K  Jay L  Ryan W



 8/9yrs 10yrs  11yrs   12/13yrs
 Anmol C Gina S  Hanna S  Najett H 
 Cassie B  Stefani R  Walaa A  Lemoni D
 Rima K  Lona B  Laura C  Rebecca B
 Lily V  Bipsana S  Ellie N  Gota B