Values and Rules

Here at Rockdale Public School we are a PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) school.

Positive Behaviour for Learning Expectations

Core Expectations

Rockdale Public School’s Behaviour Management Policy will focus on the following Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) core expectations:

Be Safe

Behave safely and responsibly at all times.

Be Respectful

Show respect at all times for their peers, teachers, other school staff and the wider school community.

Be a Learner

Attend school every day and be in class on time and prepared to learn.  


PBL is a school-wide behaviour initiative that employs a whole school approach to address behaviour. PBL encourages positive behaviour from students within a values-based system. It also reduces the impact that problem behaviour has on student outcomes and on the school community as a whole. PBL has been shown to improve students’ self-concept and motivation to learn.

Reward System

Rockdale Public School believes that students are rewarded intrinsically when they try their best and are motivated to succeed. This is achieved through the creation of a quality learning environment and when students are engaged in experiences that possess intellectual quality and significance. At Rockdale Public School, intrinsic rewards are coupled with our extrinsic reward system which acknowledges students for actively demonstrating our school’s core expectations and achieving success in all areas of school life.


All students have the opportunity to receive:

    • Recognition in the classroom and playground through positive feedback, the PBL stamp system, coloured achievement awards and playground awards for safe, respectful learners.
    • Merit awards presented at assemblies which recognise achievement, improvement andcitizenship.
    • Special awards for achievements when representing the school, contributions to the community, outstanding citizenship and other specialevents.
    • Acknowledgement of student achievement in the schoolnewsletter.


Commendation Levels


In addition to the acknowledgements outlined above, students are able to work towards the achievement of a series of commendation levels. Placement on these levels is earned by upholding the school’s expectations, exemplary behaviour, outstanding citizenship and achieving their learning goals. In order to work towards the various levels students earn coloured achievement certificates which are kept by students athome.


The following numbers of awards need to be earned in order to achieve the commendation levels. On reaching each level students will receive the following in recognition of their achievements.

    10 PBL stamps = 1 coloured Achievement Award

5 coloured Achievement Awards = 1 Merit Award 5 Merit Awards = 1 Principal’s Award

5 Principal’s Awards = 1 Principal’s Medallion


Students who receive Merit and Principal Awards are presented with them at weekly assemblies. Names of students who receive awards are also published in the school’s newsletter. Principal Medallions are presented at Citizenship Assemblies held each term.