Principal’s Welcome

2017 has been a landmark year at Rockdale Public School. It has been during this year that a number of major changes have been implemented regarding the structure and organisation of the school. This has been particularly evident in the way literacy has been embedded within all aspects of learning and reflected in the structure of the school timetable, with literacy being given the highest priority. Classroom and support teachers work together to plan and teach these literacy experiences to all classes in the school each day per week.

As with all changes, our common driving force has been the learning outcomes for our students. It was evident from previous data that we, as a school, were not reaching the levels of student learning we believed our students were capable of and therefore, we needed to reshape the way our teaching and learning was catering for the needs of our students. The wonderful staff at Rockdale Public School responded in their usual dedicated and determined fashion, by not wasting a second getting started. Our school community, particularly our P & C and School Council, have been incredibly supportive, not just with ideas and feedback but with comprehensive fundraising to help us effectively deliver and resource our initiatives. It really is an exciting place to work and learn.

Rockdale Public School is fortunate to have a fabulous cohort of students who are both hard working and inquisitive. They are eager to learn and keen to accept their responsibility within the learning environment.

I am always humbled by the tolerance and empathy shown by the students and staff of this school. With such a wide ranging mix of backgrounds that we each bring to the school, it is a harmonious place to learn and place to grow. Our school community is constantly changing and with these changes, new challenges arise. It is the quality of the response to these challenges that I find the most inspiring; as all members within this school community will be actively looking for a way forward that will bring the best results and have the most significant impact for the students of the school.

This annual school report contains but a mere snapshot in time of the many things that go into making Rockdale Public School the great school that it is.

I certify that the information in this report is the result of a rigorous school self-evaluation process and is a balanced and genuine account of the school’s achievements and areas for development.

Amy Ha