Rockdale Public School is set up to assist children achieve excellence across a broad range of endeavours. The following is a glimpse of the high levels of attainment reached by our students. These achievements not only tell the story of our talented students but also point to the commitment and professionalism of our teaching staff who work so hard to assist the children reach such levels as well as the support structures we have in place to enable such results.


- ICAS. In the Mathematics Olympiad, one student scored in the top 25% of the state and another student scored in the top 10% of the state. Selective school placements


Rockdale’s annual Sports Carnival was held on the on the 29th of July at Hurstville Oval. Primary students participated in a number of track events including:  400m, 200m, 100m and relays. Primary students took part in the ‘Be Fit, Be Active’ program prior to the Athletics carnival to build their skills in field events.

A number of students qualified for the BBPSSA Athletics Carnivals at Sylvania Waters Track.

31 students represented Rockdale Public School on Day 1 and 44 student representatives competed on Day 2.

8 students went on to complete in the Regional Athletics Carnival (Rachael, Emmar, Cameron, Gladwin, Sayal, Maja, CJ and Asir).

Congratulations to all students who participated in the Athletics Carnival

Debating and Public Speaking 

Debating 2015

This year we had a successful debating season, with 19 students up skilling themselves in different aspects of debating through two separate programs. The senior debating squad took part in NSW Premier’s Debating Challenge and the Junior Debating group participated in Bayside Learning Community Debating Competition.  In both the groups, the students attended debating workshops run by DEC’s senior debating coaches and competed in Inter-school debates.  To culminate the debating season, the junior and senior debating teams were mingled to participate in friendly debating matches in a Whole School Debating Day. This allowed the seniors to mentor the junior squad as well as firm their knowledge and debating skills. Through these experiences the students not only built their critical and creative thinking skills but also enhanced their teamwork and negotiation skills, and confidence to present cohesively in a new setting.  Next year, the junior debaters will be participating in NSW Premier’s Debating Challenge and we are in the process of selecting a new junior debating team for the Bayside Learning Community Debating Competition.

Public Speaking 2015

This year Rockdale Public School participated in Georges River Network Public Speaking Competition. All the students from K-6 took part in prepared and impromptu speech competitions, gaining knowledge, understanding and skills of the manner, matter and method of public speaking. The four proud winners, one in each of the divisions from Early stage One to Stage Three were Adam Bourke, Daisy Martin, Eva Gouramanis and Hal Norved.  With her amazing skills of eloquence and spontaneity and the perfect balance of opinion and humour in her speeches, Daisy Martin won the trophy in her division and represented the Zone of 20 schools in Greater Southern Sydney Primary Schools Debating Competition.

Performing Arts


Stage 1

This year ten gifted and talented students from Years 1 and 2 were selected to participate in Stage One Drama group. The students were committed to lunch time coaching and practising sessions once a week. The sessions included reading stories and engaging into process drama activities to gain deep understanding of the characters, mime and freeze frames to name a few. In addition, the group worked on the theatre drama titled ‘The Magic Pot’ which was presented to students, staff and parent community at the School Drama Afternoon. The performance of the students was highly commended by all. Next year the Drama group will be back again with lots of process drama and theatre drama activities.

Stage 2

This year in Stage 2 Drama, 15 gifted and talented students worked collaboratively and performed in the ‘Drama Showcase 2015’. These dedicated students spent lunchtimes with Miss Truong to design their script and direct their performance. Students were provided with the stimulus idea of a babysitter. They discussed potential story ideas and improvised dramatic dialogue before developing the perfect script.  The Stage 2 performance was called, ‘The Babysitter’ and it showcased issues that children thought would occur if 3 little kids were left home alone with a babysitter through comedy. The performance was well received and enjoyed by the audience. Students strengthened their dramatic skills in oral delivery, script writing and directing.

Stage 3

The Stage 3 students of Rockdale Public School are given the opportunity to participate in weekly drama sessions throughout the year. These sessions are designed to assist the students in developing their confidence and dramatic ability. To showcase their talent the students perform on occasions to a public audience. On the Drama Showcase afternoon this year Stage 3 performed their dramatic composition called “What’s on my mind”. The actors performed brilliantly and were well received by the audience.


Junior Dance

At the beginning of the year Stage 1 students were given to opportunity to audition for the Junior Dance Group. 15 students from Stage 1 were selected to be in the group. The students practised a dance routine to the song,  “Something to Dance For” by Zendaya. The group auditioned and then performed at the St George Performing Arts Festival. They also performed at Education week performances at the school and Rockdale Plaza and the end of year presentation day.

Senior Dance

Senior Dance this year comprised of students in Year 5 and 6. Seventy-five students auditioned and sixteen were chosen to represent the school. The song we chose this year was ‘Rock That Body’ by the Black Eyed Peas. Students worked hard during their lunchtimes to complete the dance, ready for our auditions for St George Performing Arts Festival (SPAF). We were accepted into SPAF for 2015 and performed on Tuesday 4 August at the matinee and evening performances. The Senior dancers were lucky enough to perform for our local community at Rockdale Plaza on Friday 31 of July.